Corporate Legal Advice

In today’s competitive business environment, expert corporate legal advice is key to making sound investments and major commercial decisions – and to minimizing cost and risk.

BRS’s corporate lawyers support all its other legal practice groups and advise on the entire business life cycle from company establishment to succession planning, and on all phases of transactions from initial due diligence to post-closing integration.

Its corporate attorneys are regularly consulted for their international perspective in relation to M&A and related multi-jurisdictional corporate governance matters, and assist with, inter alia, full-scale mergers of existing businesses, new developments that combine complementary skills and technologies, complex development and infrastructure projects, and joint ventures that provide a means of entry for both foreign companies into emerging markets and local companies looking to acquire an interest overseas.

BRS is renowned for the comprehensiveness and quality of its legal due diligence processes, and its legal associates are widely regarded for their meticulousness in drafting, reviewing and negotiating robust legal agreements for the benefit of its clients’ long-term business interests. BRS’s corporate legal services include (but are not limited to):

  • corporate structuring for foreign direct investment and market entry, inclusive of business formation and entity selection
  • acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, and joint ventures/strategic alliances & partnerships
  • risk management for alternative investment strategies
  • share and asset acquisitions, inclusive of tax analysis
  • private equity and venture capital investments
  • corporate governance, regulatory compliance and policy advisory services and training sessions (‘Train the Trainers’, covering permitting and licensing, employment regulations, compensation analysis, taxation, etc.)

BRS has decades-long experience of representing foreign direct investment and various corporate acquisitions in Thailand across a variety of industries. On a daily basis, its specialist legal practitioners advise clients on tax efficient cross-border M&A, corporate governance (with respect to directors’ legal duties, board composition and structure, fiduciary duties, disclosure obligations, conflicts of interest, etc.), structuring and negotiating corporate deals and transactions, as well as managing multi-jurisdictional asset/share purchases and sales.

BRS’s legal services are tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements. By building strong relationships, its legal representatives develop a thorough understanding of the way that its clients work and their long-term business goals, allowing for the provision of timely and practical corporate legal advice when clients need it most.

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BRS advises some of the largest corporations in Asia, Europe and the United States on their corporate initiatives and investments in Thailand.