Dispute Resolution & Litigation Legal Advice

Our aim is always to help our clients resolve disputes quickly and effectively, while minimizing disruption to their business as much as possible.

Our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team works closely with our other in-house practice groups, providing a multi-disciplined approach to ensure that you receive the best advice on how to proceed regardless of the underlying cause of the dispute or the industry involved. We take into account the circumstances as well as your ultimate commercial objectives, strategy and budget.

Our multi-lingual attorneys, with their extensive knowledge of cultural differences, provide clear communication channels and present you with the most appropriate solution for resolving the issue — be it mediation, adjudication or litigation.

We handle litigation at every level and have represented clients before all the various courts of Thailand, from the Supreme Court to the Civil, Criminal and Appellate Courts; from the Labour Court to the Consumer Court; and from the Tax & Duty Court to the Intellectual Property & International Court; and, of course, the Arbitration Center.

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We provide the best advice on how to proceed, regardless of the underlying cause of the dispute or the industry involved