Intellectual Property Legal Advice

The growth of cross-border trade has increased the need for both local and international companies to protect their brands, industrial designs, patents and technologies. As intellectual property often refers to intangible assets, it is easily misunderstood and can often lead to disputes.

We provide a full range of IP-related legal services, including anti-counterfeiting, dispute resolution, government relations, IP commercialization, patent and trademark agency services, registration and enforcement, and regulatory affairs.

By enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights against existing infringers — and protecting them against potential infringers — and by repelling challenges to the validity of their registered rights, we ensure that our clients’ entitlements are upheld regionally and globally.

In the past, we have acted for commercial, financial and industrial clients in the communications, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, informational technology, and media sectors.

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We provide a full range of IP services to ensure our clients' entitlements are upheld locally, regionally and globally