Regulatory Compliance Legal Advice

Growth in international trade has led to new laws and increased government regulation concerning business practices and procedures. This increasing complexity — especially where domestic law applies to overseas business operations or transactions — means corporations need to establish internal structures to ensure conformity with rules, specifications, policies, and legal standards; non-compliance can lead to criminal or civil penalties, which often carry significant fines.

It is advisable to have compliance controls in place, and to monitor adherence to those controls if you are to adequately manage your risks. Consolidated and harmonized sets of controls will help you maintain ongoing legal compliance and ensure operational transparency.

Our knowledge of local practices and procedures means we can provide you with ongoing strategic and commercial advice on how to set up, maintain and update controls to help you comply fully with government rules and regulations.

Our lawyers also act as counsel for U.S. and European multi-national corporations (many listed on the NYSE and LSE), both for compliance with Thai law in relation to their respective operations and transactions in Thailand, and with respect to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.K. Anti-Bribery Act for compliance, incident investigations and training.

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Ongoing advice and a range of services to help you comply fully with government regulations