Immigration Legal Advice

BRS’s specialist immigration lawyers have a wealth of practical knowledge gained by acting on behalf of clients from all industries and professions, and routinely advise on business immigration and international personnel transfers and redeployments.

Bringing foreign workers into Thailand is a practical solution to filling gaps in the local labour force; however, Thailand has strict immigration and labour laws in place, and for company employees and their families to adhere to them requires access to expert legal advice.

Our business immigration attorneys provide a full range of immigration legal services including: initial assessment of immigration options; assistance in preparing immigration applications for local and international visas; lodging applications; and providing all necessary liaison and follow-up action with Thailand’s Immigration and Labour Departments.

The ability to recruit skilled workers and move key personnel internationally is an increasing necessity in today’s global marketplace, and our immigration lawyers have been advising Thai and foreign clients on such matters for over four decades. While some occupations are reserved for Thais only—foreign nationals are prohibited from engaging in occupations that would otherwise limit the employment opportunities of Thais—exemptions to the applicable legal restrictions are made to help meet demand for skilled labour and prevent skills shortages. If a company applies for and obtains Thai Board of Investment (BOI) privileges, for instance, then foreign experts and skilled workers will be governed by a completely separate set of immigration and tax rules.

We have expertise in applying for all Thai via types including business and investment visas, marriage and dependents’ visas, non-immigrant visas, retirement visas, etc. We also advise on obtaining re-entry permits, extending visas, immigration clearance, and on visitor’s 90-day reporting duties at the Immigration Bureau (as well as the correct course of action in the case of overstay). We regularly provide legal advice on obtaining permanent residence, which consolidates a visitor’s overall legal status in Thailand and eliminates the need to continually re-apply for an annual visa extension.

Foreign employees are subject to the criteria and requirements of Thai immigration and foreign employment law, and foreign business immigration applications are considered in terms of necessity and suitability. Decisions are rendered on a case-by-case basis, and permission is granted based on the criteria and requirements set by law. Our seasoned immigration attorneys provide fast, reliable, and practical legal advice to give our clients’ foreign staff peace of mind.

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Our seasoned immigration lawyers provide fast, reliable, and practical legal advice to give our clients’ foreign staff peace of mind.