Intellectual Property (IP) Legal Advice

Growth in cross-border trade has increased the need for both local and international companies to protect their intellectual property, such as brands, confidential information, copyrights, domain names, industrial designs and patents, service marks, technologies, trademarks, and trade secrets. As intellectual property often refers to intangible assets, it is easily misunderstood and can lead to disputes.

BRS has wide-ranging experience of repelling challenges to the validity of its clients’ registered intellectual property rights and safeguards their entitlements locally and internationally. Our intellectual property lawyers work to ensure that clients earn maximum recognition and financial benefit from whatever they invent or create – and that such intellectual property value is maintained via practical and informed legal guidance. We practice both before the Intellectual Property Court and at the government administrative Intellectual Property Department.

Our IP-defense and IP-enforcement services extend to clients’ copyrights (i.e. original artistic and intellectual expressions, such as artwork, books, music, TV programmes/movies, etc.), patents (i.e. inventions and innovations, such as business, scientific, technological, etc.), and trademarks (i.e. names, slogans, symbols, etc.).

In addition to IP-defense and IP-enforcement, BRS’s IP-lawyers are regularly engaged to identify improvements to clients’ existing trademark practices and advise on the complexities of successful intellectual property management, including:

  • anti-counterfeiting strategies, enforcements and remedies
  • commercialization, monetization and valuation
  • IP compliance
  • IP dispute resolution
  • government relations
  • IP monitoring
  • IP-regulatory affairs
  • IP infringement
  • royalties
  • trademark registrations
  • copyright advice

We have expertise in enforcing clients’ intellectual property rights against existing infringers, and are adept at protecting them against potential infringers. Our intellectual property attorneys are committed to upholding clients’ legal rights & entitlements and to securing and enforcing clients’ intellectual property ownership rights in relation to their inventions, innovations, designs, and artistic works.

BRS is increasingly relied upon by emerging businesses, public institutions, and venture capital groups for its awareness of the latest developments in the Thai IP-arena. We have established relationships with household name brands and businesses, and advise artists, entrepreneurs, and investors about how best to manage (and maximize!) their IP-assets for long-term commercial advantage.

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BRS’s intellectual property attorneys provide strategic legal counselling in all areas of Thai intellectual property law, and ensure clients’ entitlements are upheld locally and internationally.