Labour & Employment Legal Advice

Based on years of practising before the Thai Ministry of Labour and the Labour Court, our labour and employment lawyers are well versed in the complexities of the Labour Protection Act and the practices of the Thai Labour Court. Our policy is to deliver practical, commercial resolutions to clients’ industrial relations issues, including representation with respect to collective employment and traditional labour matters and disputes. Our experts include lawyers licensed to negotiate with labour unions and advise on the complexities of the Labour Relations Act.

We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting all types of labour and employment contracts, including outsourcing and professional services agreements, and routinely advise on how best to safeguard legal compliance with regulatory requirements for corporates and investors.

Our expert legal advisors are regularly called upon to provide legal counsel on labour and employment litigation, and advise on all aspects of employment relations under Thai law, from disciplinary action—including suspending or terminating employment, compulsory or voluntary redundancies, paying severance, issuing warning letters, summary dismissals without notice, etc.—to labour dispute prevention and resolution. Our labour and employment attorneys systematically work through every eventuality to ensure that clients receive their proper legal entitlements, and advise on conflict and employee relationship management and on settling labour claims and taking recovery action.

Rapid economic growth in Thailand and the surrounding region has brought about numerous changes in laws that relate to employment and industrial relations, and keeping abreast of such changes—and getting to grips with local labour law, practices and customs—can sometimes be difficult. Our seasoned labour and employment attorneys are well positioned to provide legal advice on recent and upcoming changes to existing labour law, and on how companies should prepare and respond in order to reduce potential liability.

We advise on the individual and collective employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions, confidentiality and restrictive covenants, individual and group severance arrangements, and work rules and regulations, as well as on international labour relations issues and the employment aspects of operational reorganizations and closures. We also advise on international secondments and outsourcing service delivery in other developing markets.

As the Thai economy has grown, so too have business and employment opportunities for local and foreign workers in Thailand. We are accustomed to negotiating deals with workers’ representatives, and routinely advise local Thai and international clients on workplace employee policies and procedures, employee benefit and compensation plans, and employment issues with respect to corporate transactions, cross-border reorganizations, and immigration law.

Whether a client is looking to effect an M&A-related personnel transfer or downsize their workforce, with our knowledge of local laws and customs, our labour and employment legal experts have the know-how and experience to find the right solution.

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Our labour and employment attorneys systematically work through every eventuality to ensure that clients receive their proper legal entitlements.