Regulatory Compliance Legal Advice

Our regulatory compliance lawyers advise major U.S. and European multi-national corporations (many listed on the NYSE and LSE), both for compliance with Thai law in relation to their respective operations and transactions in Thailand, and with respect to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.K. Anti-Bribery Act. We help clients to develop effective risk mitigation strategies and assessment techniques to safeguard their assets and reputations, and are regularly consulted on how to resolve corporate governance issues and manage regulatory compliance matters, as well as achieve successful outcomes and minimize risk. We are often called upon to conduct training for local staff on various policies and investigations into breaches of such policies.

We advise on compliance with a variety of commercial licenses including telecommunications licenses, insurance licenses, foreign business licenses, factory licenses, hotel licenses, ecommerce licenses, etc.

Our dedicated team of Thai and expatriate attorneys offer regulatory, compliance and operational support services across all business sectors, from business codes of conduct to PIT liabilities for foreign nationals, from trade practices to consumer protection legislation.

Growth in international trade has led to new laws and increased government regulation concerning business practices and procedures in Thailand. Regulatory frameworks are developing and this increasing complexity—especially where domestic law applies to overseas business operations and transactions—means corporations need to establish internal structures to ensure compliance with Thai legal standards. Compliance failure can lead to civil or criminal penalties (which often carry significant fines), regulatory constraints, litigation, as well as negative publicity and reputational damage.

Our regulatory lawyers are accustomed to liaising with monitoring and oversight agencies, and advise clients on the impact of non-compliance on their transactions and day-to-day operations. We guide clients on regulatory inspections and incident investigations, and provide training on anti-bribery and counter-corruption ethics and compliance.

Our regulatory and reporting legal experts specialize in simplifying compliance processes and instituting operational transparency, and routinely advise on how to set up, maintain, and update consolidated and harmonized sets of controls to ensure conformity with Thai governmental rules and regulations.

Our regulatory compliance attorneys advise local and foreign companies on all aspects of transactions in regulated sectors, and have deep industry experience that spans over four decades. This experience, combined with in-depth knowledge of local protocols and modes of operation in Thailand, enables the provision of practical business outcomes and solutions, as well as up-to-date strategic and commercial legal advice for the effective management of risk and governance issues.

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Our dedicated team of Thai and expatriate attorneys offer regulatory, compliance and operational support services across all business sectors.